The Care Guide

Aurous Atelier jewelry is expertly handcrafted in our Hong Kong studio using the finest materials and are skillfully designed for everyday wear. Our pieces are made to be worn, enjoyed, shared, cherished and lived in. And with proper jewelry care, they will continue to shine.

Wondering what material your piece is made of? Our pieces are made of 18K Gold Vermeil, 18K Gold PVD Coating, and 18K Gold Plated.

What is the difference between Vermeil, PVD Coating, and Plated?

  • The difference between vermeil, pvd coating and plated jewelry is in the metals that make up their base.


  • Vermeil is a legally regulated term that refers to thick layer of gold plating, which uses 925 sterling silver as the base metal. It is an alternative for us to craft premium quality gold jewelry without the expense of solid gold. 


  • PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a vacuum coating process that produces a brilliant decorative and functional finish. It can be used for numerous materials but is often used as a way to apply one metal with another metal to bond them together. 
  • PVD Coating uses brass, titanium steel, stainless steel, copper or any other metal as the base metal.


  • In order to keep the price point at an affordable level without breaking your bank, we decided to launch our jewelry pieces in gold plated. 
  • Vermeil and Plated both share the same technique and process by electroplated the base with Real Gold. They are both incredibly durable. 
  • Plated jewelry uses brass, titanium steel, stainless steel, copper or any other metal as the base metal. 


In addition, we offer jewelry pieces made in Freshwater Baroque Pearls and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) too. 


These pearls comes with an irregular shape. Each of them are unique and versatile. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes. They are different in appearance which leads to a modern vibe. A unique twist to the classic pearl and making you stand out! Pearls are sensitive in nature, so don’t forget to treat them with love.


At Aurous Atelier, we use 3A Cubic Zirconia, offering a durable and affordable alternative to diamonds. 


The vermeil, pvd coating as well as plated jewelry require additional care so we encourage you to follow these basic guidelines to get the most wear out of your jewelry. 
It’s important to remember that all metal is susceptible to natural wear and will eventually oxidize, tarnish and fade. 


This care guide will help you maintain your jewellery to ensure its longevity.

 How should I take care of my jewelry?

  • Always store your jewelry pieces individually so that they don't rub together, scratch or tangle
  • Always store your jewelry pieces back in jewelry pouch or box after wore
  • Clean your jewelry pieces with a soft and dry cloth every time after wore; this helps to maintain your jewelry and will increase the lifespan of your piece.
  • Avoid direct contact with chemicals found in perfume or other cosmetics to prevent jewelry pieces from tarnish & discoloration
  • Remove your jewelry when exercise, swimming, showering or washing hands
  • All jewelry pieces should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place

How should I clean my jewelry?

  • Clean your piece carefully by buffing gently with a soft and dry cloth; this helps to bring back its shine
  • We do not recommend the use of any jewelry polishing cloths which have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents as these polishing clothes contain harsh chemicals and can destroy your jewelry over time

Say NO to metal allergies (Easy Tricks)

  • Try applying a thin coat of clear nail polish over the post and scroll of the earrings if irritation / allergic occurs. The nail polish will act as a barrier between your skin and the jewelry and yes, problem solved. When it eventually wears off just re-apply it