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Bracelets & Bangles

Ear Cuffs




Non-Pierced Earrings


The new luxury.

Aurous Atelier creates timeless jewelry pieces that range from bold, statement to chic, minimalistic to slot into your wardrobe without ever ageing.  

All our jewelry is skillfully designed and is expertly hand-crafted using high quality and lasting materials. Our jewelry is made to be worn, enjoyed, shared, cherished and lived in.

At Aurous Atelier, we want you to SHINE.



Our gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry is made by electroplating generous layer of 18K gold onto strong metal like brass, titanium steel, stainless steel and high-quality sterling silver.

Our PVD coating jewelry is made by a vacuum coating process that produces a brilliant decorative and functional finish.



Aurous Atelier creates the perfect gift for yourself and your loved one. 

Whether its an act of self-love, an anniversary gift, a birthday surprise, sweet valentine’s day or the most cheerful time of the year like Christmas, we are sure that your wife, girlfriend, best friend, mom or grandma will love the sentimental surprise!

Aurous Atelier offers a wide range of jewelry from minimal to bold that won't hurt your purse.